Our Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

At Sticks and Stones we design all products with great love and eye for detail. That same love and attention applies to all aspects throughout our company. Sticks and Stones is dedicated to socially responsible manufacturing and we strive to offer fair, social, healthy and safe conditions for workers in our supply chain. We only work with carefully selected suppliers, that meet our brand's high standards and where there is a humane working environment with fair labor hours, fair wages, minimum age requirements, membership of a union and safe working conditions. Although we understand that as a single company we cannot solve issues common to the entire sector, we do take on the challenge of making fashion more sustainable.

Our success is based on strong devotion to honesty and fairness where our people, our customers, our partners, our business and our community are concerned. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we see it as our responsibility to make our customers happy. Not only do we want our customers to be happy about the design of our products, but also about the way our products are manufactured. We engage in running our business with great sensitivity to the world around us.

Leather Information

All leathers are AZO-free and comply with EU-regulations. We only work with manufacturers who have or work with professional tanneries where there is a strict compliance with environmental regulations, and where there are clean and safe working conditions.

Hardware Information

The metal frames used in all our frame bags and accessories are supplied by a high-quality supplier from Germany who complies with the implementation of REACH and follows the resulting requirements. We feature all our products with high-quality YKK zippers.