Product Care

Your original Sticks and Stones leather product features unique and handmade signatures that individually personalise every design.
Leather is a natural material and contains unique characteristics. Variations in color and grain as well as marks, scars, and folds are inherent characteristics of the many textures comprising hides, that enhances the beauty and properties of real leather. These innate markings make genuine leather authentic and unique.

Care Instructions

Please take regular care to help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your leather product.

Regularly apply a colorless leather care cream and leather waterproofing spray to ensure that your item is properly cleaned, nourished, moisturised and protected for long-term enjoyment.

The application of a leather care cream will improve the leather’s resistance to staining and soiling. Make sure the cream is tested on a small hidden area first to avoid unwanted results.
Keep your product dry and store it in a cool, dry place where air can circulate. If your product gets wet, wipe it with a dry cloth and let it dry in fresh open air. Avoid direct sunlight as exposure will cause the leather to both fade and crack. Avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Take care not to overfill a handbag or wallet as over time this can distort the shape of your product and weaken your item. Never use abrasive or aggressive materials such as cleaning solvents or stain removers on your leather item. Only use quality leather care products for genuine leather.

Our recommended leather care products

Collonil Clean & Care

Collonil Leather Wax

Collonil Carbon Spray